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Day 7 of 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence __ HHCJ

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Praying for Awareness and Support of Domestic Violence Programs for Men

Today, our prayers are focused on raising awareness and support for domestic violence programs, especially those dedicated to men.

One crucial aim of Men’s Behaviour Change programs is to instill the understanding that violence is a choice, holding participants accountable for the harm resulting from abusive behavior.

Working with men who use violence is high risk, controversial, and often underfunded. Despite challenges, these programs play a vital role in preventing and breaking the cycle of family violence.

As we light the seventh candle, we pray for increased awareness of domestic violence by men and for support and funding for these essential programs.

Prayers for Today:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

God, we thank you for the possibilities within your power. We lift to you those seeking change, particularly men in Men’s Behaviour Change programs. May your Spirit bring repentance, healing, and genuine transformation in their relationships.

Grant them the courage to seek support and accountability, and bless the counselors and programs aiding in this transformative work.

Lord’s Prayer for Domestic and Family Violence:

Our Father in heaven,

You are a good Father, known for justice, mercy, compassion, and truth. May your kingdom bring resources for victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, fostering healing, equality, and hope.

We trust in your perfect will, seeking daily support, compassion, and wisdom. Forgive us and grant grace to forgive, leading us away from despair and oppression.

You have conquered all evil. Provide freedom, healing, and protection to those in need.


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