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CWSI was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 1999 (CAC No: 12,045). CWSI has consultative statues with the Economic and Social Council—ECOSOC and in affiliation with the Department of Global Communications) at the United Nations. Through advocacy, capacity building, awareness raising and sensitization, research and documentation, partnership and paralegal engagements, we advocate for good governance, economic, political and socio-cultural rights.

Culture, tradition and religion have continued to oppress African women and girls even though many have continued to refute this truth. Since men are still the custodians of culture and tradition, CWSI embarked on awareness raising and sensitization of men on the need to carry women and girls along especially in decision making and as advocates for the elimination of all forms of practices that put women down. Through our activities in some of the states where we work CWSI has been able to empower women and girls and made them aware of their rights and responsibilities as partners in development. Through our advocacy to some traditional rulers, in Igala and Ebira land about twenty (20)   women were beaded and included in the traditional councils something which before now was not done.  In Nwang in Cross River state, Female genital mutilation/cutting has been abolished. There has been an upscale in the number of girls enrolled in schools and some communities have accepted to guard against child marriages.

Centre for Women Studies and Intervention (CWSI) is governed by a six (6) member Board of Trustees whose Chairperson is the Superior General of the Congregation of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus.

Strategic Goal
CWSI’s goal is the holistic empowerment of the woman for social rebirth and the promotion of gender equality/equity

CWSI is an organization that envisions women and other vulnerable persons empowered, liberated and active in the creation of a better world.

CWSI propelled by faith in the Creator of all beings, is committed to upholding the dignity of women and other vulnerable persons through capacity building, advocacy, awareness-raising, research, and documentation.

Core Values (CACI)

  • Courage – to choose life and not let fear cripple our imagination in the breaking of unjust fetters.
  • Accountability—to that which gave rise to us and causes us to speak, and to our beneficiaries and partners.
  • Commitment – to act in freedom for the establishment of a New World: a new order.
  • Integrity – to speak of what we know: of our experience and the hope we bear.