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One Day Programme In Commemoration of the 16 Days Of Activism

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On the 29th of November, 2023, The Centre For Women Studies and Intervention organised a powerful programme,  which rallied organizations and individuals in solidarity against gender-based violence.

Event Highlights

A Collective Voice

An invaluable congregation, with shared interest towards the elemination of violence against women and girls, witnessed passionate voices, predominantly from women, who ardently spoke out against gender-based violence. The shared commitment to a society free from all forms of violence against women and girls was palpable.

Opening Remark

The event kicked off with a compelling opening remark by The Executive Director, Sister Ngozi Frances Uti. Her transformative message urged the participants, including Faith based Organizations, Civil society Organizations and individuals to unite and collectively fight gender-based violence. During her opening remark she asked a  very important question that resonated with all participants.  She asked the participants if it is possible to end Violence against women and girls by 2030. They unanimously answered  ” yes”, while nodding their heads in confirmation. It was such a beautiful sight to behold, seeing people, especially women who are ready to herald a new world_ A world where women and girls are free and safe from all forms of violence.


Comrade Ene Obi’s Call to Action

  1. Comrade Ene Obi delivered a powerful presentation. She encouraged women to speak out against gender-based violence, especially those happening within the confines of their  homes.

Virtual Presentation from Mrs. Saudatu Mahdi

  1. Mrs. Saudatu Mahdi, the Secretary General of WRAPA, delivered a virtual presentation emphasizing the crucial need for women to support each other in the courageous fight against gender-based violence.

Break Out Session

 Participants were divided into groups, during the breakout session. They were assigned the task of identifying various forms of violence against women and proposing collective strategies for individuals, communities, and governments to end Violence against women and girls.

Passionate Advocacy

The group representatives, fueled by passion and alacrity, presented their findings. Their collective voice championed a movement for the elimination of violence against women and girls.  The charged atmosphere reflected a desire for lasting solution to gender-based violence.

As the event concluded, the indwelling passion of all participants to end Violence against women and girls, indicated that this movement for change had only just begun. The participants left, carrying with them the determination to unite and end Violence against women and girls.

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