Centre For Women’s Studies And Intervention (CWSI) on Saturday 18th  March, 2017 commemorated the International Women’s Day Celebration while drawing her inspiration from her history which is rooted in the clarion apostolate call for humanity which was made a reality through the Religious Congregation of the Handmaids’ of the Holy Child Jesus (HHCJ) with profound inspiration drawn from MOTHER MARY CHARLES MAGDALENE WALKER (Founder of HHCJ). Justification of the special dedication was to simply bring to memory the extra ordinary achievement of the humble Missionary. Driven by passion for the salvation of souls in Jesus Christ and selfless service in compassion for the afflicted trounced hostile terrains, dangerous environmental and nutritional conditions and courageously planted a mustard seed of HHCJ that have germinated into global institutions of social and humanitarian services. These institutions include Schools, Charities, NGO’s, Hospitals and other human development services.

Organizations of HHCJ have been of benefits to many communities and are continuously adding value to lives especially rural areas. As part of HHCJ’s contributory service to humanity of which CWSI is in its forefront of human rights and human dignity campaign, researching and implementing development programmes towards changing bias and inequality, campaigning against violence, obnoxious traditional practices, gender discrimination, advancement of women socio-economic and political empowerment and championing girl-child education. All these are the manifestation of the vision of Mother Mary Charles Magdalene Walker. CWSI proudly dedicate her IWD 2017 to her while also acknowledging and celebrating the achievement of many other Women of substance and courage who like her have contributed remarkably to the advancement of a happier and peaceful world.

In view of the above, and also in furtherance of the UN clarion call towards 5 cardinal areas of action which are; Changing bias and inequality, Campaigning against violation, Forge women’s advancement, Celebrate women’s achievements and lastly, Champion women’s education. CWSI took the initiative of carrying out an awareness creation training for 78 young youths made up of 50 girls and 28 boys who participated in an expository PowerPoint presentation training on the SDGs and Gender Based Violence on women as was also characterized in a dramatized role play. However, the youths were encouraged to step down the knowledge through the establishment of human rights clubs in their various schools. This was aimed at inspiring and encouraging the girl children (future women) to imbibe the requisite boldness to amplify their voices and to take actions towards the breaking down of gender obstacles and stereotypes that limits their potentials towards achieving their ambitions, against obstacles that affects their self-esteem and dignity, also on obstacles that limits their capacity to live happy and fulfilled lives.

The platform was also meant to encourage the boys (future men) to also take action and be purposeful advocate for gender parity and inclusive development for human kind, the platform was able to sensitize and raise awareness on gender parity which highlighted incessantly on the 2017 IWD theme “BE BOLD FOR CHANGE#”

CWSI hosts Delta Training for Staff

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The Management of Centre for women studies and intervention hosts Delta training for her staff from regional offices and those at the headquarters recently in Abuja. The training was to give more understanding towards handling of the Organization’s projects especially as it concerns problem finding and solution and execution from and within the communities where the organization works.

The workshop lasted for one week with series of exercises to bring out the facilitators ideas, methodology and understanding of these techniques.

The training was sponsored by Catholic Agencies for Overseas Development (CAFOD).


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